Monthly Archive: March 2016

Three Sisters gets meta with Anton in Show Business

Could there be a better place for dreams to come true than on Broadway? While San Antonio, Texas may not be next highest on the list for wish-fulfillment, that’s where Lisabette Cartwright, Holly Seabé, and Casey Mulgraw find themselves in order…
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BOOM! starts with a bang and ends with a whimper

Kidoons’ and WYRDS’ production of BOOM, written by and starring Rick Miller, is a theatrical, musical tour through the baby boom years. The show is a mixture of quality multimedia projections and immersive storytelling. Starting from 1945 and going all the way to…
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What’s driving Kitchissippi’s barbershop boom?

This article was originally printed in the Kitchissippi Times on Feb. 4, 2016 Kitchissippi is a place where small businesses have learned they can thrive through the support of a loyal community, and it’s here that the classic barbershop has…
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