About Me

Confessions of an English Freelance Writer 

I’d like to start off by thanking you for visiting my website and profusely apologizing for it’s current unfinished state.

I was encouraged to start building this site when I was notified that one of the blogs I contributed to was closing. Realizing that a body of my work would soon lose its online presence, I thought it the perfect time to start developing a professional record of sorts, a collection of all the things I’ve been doing since my recent foray into the realm of freelance writing.

The Cole’s Notes of my story is that after a horrible experience in the industry that I’d spent the entirety of my working life in, I finally decided to set off and pursue the industry that I’ve spent years and thousands of dollars to be a part of. Famous last words, I know…

Things were slow at first, obviously. It isn’t easy to get a job in editing or journalism when your CV portrays you as a specialty butcher. However, being open to experiences has opened doors to me has allowed me to take advantages of opportunities that I would not have been aware of otherwise.

I am still doing a number of volunteer jobs, such as my work with the Ottawa Arts Review and On Stage Ottawa, but I have built and bargained my way up to paid roles within several organizations and publications. At times I consider myself lucky, but it takes more than luck to get out of a toxic, though decently-paid work environment and pursue something you’re more passionate about; it takes determination, and a willingness to work through the hard times, which I feel I’ve exhibited since I left my job in April.

Instead of cutting the same old steaks over and over, I’ve become the content coordinator and host for a CKCU radio program, a freelance journalist and blogger for some local publications, and the Managing Editor for a small political newspaper. In eight months, I’ve exploded my CV into a legitimate record of relevant experience.

But I still have a road to travel, and I hope that this website will help ease that burden somewhat, by consolidating my experiences into one easily digestible package for people to peruse.

Thanks for reading this far. I hope you enjoy the rest.

Joseph Hutt