BOOM! starts with a bang and ends with a whimper

12400639_934363606617845_6592467811081013427_nKidoons’ and WYRDS’ production of BOOM, written by and starring Rick Miller, is a theatrical, musical tour through the baby boom years. The show is a mixture of quality multimedia projections and immersive storytelling. Starting from 1945 and going all the way to 1969, Miller narrates the lives, stories, and pop culture icons of three individuals (his mother from Scarborough, his mother’s lover from Chicago, and his father from Vienna) whose lives come to intersect in the midst of the baby boom.

The most impressive aspect of Miller’s method of storytelling is the fact that he lends his own voice to tell the stories that come from three very different perspectives. His impersonations are actually so convincing that, despite knowing that this was going to happen, I was actually fooled for a few moments into thinking that his mother’s voice was actually a prerecording, his timing was so well rehearsed.

Next to his voicing and ability to impersonate, the production values of this performance are incredible and on par with Miller’s own talents. With the help of “state­-of-­the-­art designers in the Quebec City studio of legendary theatrical genius Robert Lepage,” BOOM offers a highly varied visual representation of these 24 years of rapid social and technological advancement, from light play to minor animation to some impressive projected art…

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