Community comes together for the 10th anniversary of Mitzvah Day

This article was first published in the Kitchissippi Times on Feb.4, 2016

For the tenth year running, the Jewish Federation of Ottawa (JFO) is bringing their annual Mitzvah Day celebration to the Soloway Jewish Community Centre (JCC).

Simply put, Mitzvah Day is a chance for the greater community to come together and participate in various acts of charity meant to benefit those in need. This year, however, the JFO is hoping to do just a little bit more.

Tamara Scarowsky, chair of Mitzvah Day

Tamara Scarowsky, chair of Mitzvah Day. Photos by Ivanette Hargreaves

“We also wanted to focus a little more on the Jewish aspect,” says Tamara Scarowsky, chair of the event. “Some of the activities this year focus on mitzvot, which technically means ‘commandment from the Torah.’”

Colloquially, mitzvot is used to refer to good deeds, of which there will be plenty on this Mitzvah Day. There will also be a workshop about honouring parents to “help build good citizens of the world, by emphasizing these intergenerational relationships,” explains Tamara.

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