Radio Broadcasting

Radio journalism and sound tech is only something I’ve recently fallen into, but it’s something I’ve really come to enjoy. It isn’t something that is easy to just jump into with zero experience, especially when your show only airs every other week. But that just encouraged me to take some initiative and book the Recording Studio that CKCU has available for staff and volunteers.

With a little help from Dave Aardvark, Program Director at CKCU, I was soon turning dials and sliding slides with the best of them. That’s probably an exaggeration, but it has helped a lot. I can vocalize better, fill in those awkward gaps when things go awry, manage sound levels, and queue input from half a dozen sources. Now to tame those turntables…

It’s even encouraged me to start building content for a show of my own. Leaning towards farcical detective noir radio play, starring J.P. Mallard, Private Duck. He takes no quack from nobody!

But I digress…

Here is a link to the work that I currently have aired.

OPIRG Roots Radio, 93.1FM CKCU