Three Sisters gets meta with Anton in Show Business

Could there be a better place for dreams to come true than on Broadway? While San Antonio, Texas may not be next highest on the list for wish-fulfillment, that’s where Lisabette Cartwright, Holly Seabé, and Casey Mulgraw find themselves in order to star in a production of Anton Chekov’s The Three Sisters.

Each one following a personal dream, they become part of a collage of desires and drives. Unfortunately, as the play runs into problem after problem, they’re forced to admit that even a unified front may receive only an imperfect reward for its troubles.

While each of the protagonists seem to fall in with the classic archetype of the three (the innocent Lisabette played by Robin Hodge, the vivacious Holly played by Shawna Pasini, and the matronly Casey played by Robin Guy), they slowly reveal certain nuances that come to undermine our expectations of them, as well as their own expectations of each other.

While the first act may seem a bit scattered, the second act works to tie some of the larger themes together, particularly when Hodge, Pasini, and Guy take a moment to recite a particular scene from The Three Sisters, having achieved a kind of sisterhood themselves.

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This article was originally published on on Feb. 27, 2016

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